What is it like to be a Healthy Learning Trust School?

Schools joining the HLT will share in our philosophy, vision and values whilst retaining their unique identity, strengths and personalities that are so important to them and their local community.  This approach supports innovation and initiative and empowers staff and students to co-create their experiences, informed through their intimate knowledge and understanding of individual school contexts.

How HLT schools are the same

·         Our schools adopt the HLT Curriculum Policy (set out below) as this is how we embed our vision and values

·         We will work towards common examination boards and teaching and learning related policies

·         HLT schools use the Pivotal Curriculum to support positive behaviours

·         As a single employer, all staff in the trust have common pay and conditions of employment (National Pay and Conditions for Teachers) and are governed by the same HR and Business Policies, staff benefits and opportunities, term dates and training days

·         We will work towards shared business services (where appropriate) such as Information Technology & Management, Finance and HR

·         All policies and practices across schools and in individual schools will reflect the values of HLT, for example, helping to preserve and promote the good health and well-being of staff and students.

How HLT schools are unique

·         Our schools have their individual  uniform

·         Schools may retain or develop their own ‘founding principles’ or individual set of values

·         Flexibility to apply the Curriculum Policy to their context

·         Student support structures (eg House or Year system)