Flixon Girls School (FGS) is the lead school of the Healthy Learning Trust. At FGS we inspire girls to discover their talents and fulfil their potential through our founding principles of aspiration, empowerment and excellence. These principles are at the heart of life at FGS, ensuring that each individual is able to achieve her personal best. Exceptional opportunities encourage girls of all abilities, interests and aptitudes to develop their individual characters and talents and to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Our core values embed our founding principles as all at FGS are committed to:

  • Nurture ambition and recognise talent
  • Develop abilities
  • Respect and value each other
  • Celebrate diversity and achievement
  • Promote self-belief, confidence and a can do attitude
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and participation in physical activity
  • Provide stretch, challenge and support
  • Encourage reflection

Founded in 1933 at FGS we are specialists in girls' education: we really do understand girls. We understand their friendship dynamics, their preoccupations and the issues that specifically affect girls and young women. This understanding means we provide the right kind of support and create safe environments in which girls feel comfortable talking, taking risks and asking questions: a nurturing, supportive and challenging environment where girls excel, becoming more resilient and sure of themselves.

To find out more about us please visit our website – www.flixtongirls.com.