Joyful June leads to Jump Back July!

Staff and students at FGS have been enjoying the chance to take part in whole host of "happiness" based activities and actions in June, with Action for Happiness' Joyful June wall planner being placed in form rooms across the school.

Form tutors have been encouraging (and joining in with!) their students to do things such as "spread joy - give someone flowers or help brighten someones day", "watch something funny and enjoy how it feels to laugh" and "create a playlist of favourite songs and enjoy them". 

The wall planners have now been updated with the "Jump Back July" version and this months actions focus on resilience and bouncing back. Our favourites include "adopt a growth mindset - change "I can't" into "I can't...yet" and "notice when you are feeling judgmental and be kind instead".

You can download the posters using the links below.

Joyful June

Jump Back July