Our vision as a Trust fulfils many of the recommendations of many national and regional strategies and initiatives such as the Northern Powerhouse Schools Strategy. Trafford is one of the highest performing boroughs in the country and it is evident that we should utilise this success and share the Trust’s strategy with other schools.

FGS, the lead school of the HLT, as a non-selective, all-ability school is very well-placed to support other comprehensive schools. The CEO has worked at Greater Manchester (GM) level on two key areas of health and well-being, firstly as the Chair of the Greater Manchester School Games and Chair of the GM Headteacher Alliance from 2010 to 2014 ensuring the highest levels of participation nationally and also on the GM Phoenix CSE strategy steering group with multi-agencies across police, health and the voluntary sector.

This background has provided an understanding of the differing social, health and aspirational challenges within each borough and the benefits of effective multi-agency working.

The Trust will look to support schools and students in areas of social challenge across the wider Greater Manchester region as well as other Trafford Schools to create a strong, GM focused MAT, bringing together the advantages of the strong connections with the health sector to address the significant barriers faced by schools and their communities.

It is the combination of Health and Education working together as the Healthy Learning Trust that will enable us to have a real impact in areas of significant social challenge.