The HLT School Improvement model is a reflection of our vision and values. We have high aspirations for all which is articulated through strong leadership with a clear vision and principles. A sustainable approach secures the empowerment of staff and brings about excellence through high quality training and coaching within a high accountability framework in the belief that lasting improvement is built from within and in partnership with others.

The Healthy Learning Trust empowers young people to enhance their own lives and the lives of others through our FIVE PATHWAYS of Academic, Emotional, Nutritional, Physical, Social & Moral lead to HEALTH & WELL-BEING to SCHOLARSHIP.  We secure progression into health related careers through strategic partnerships with the NHS, universities and health and well-being providers to create opportunities for health-related career progression. Our core belief is informed by the FGS journey over 10 years of sustained improvement.

Our values - we are:


HLT believes in the inter-connectedness of 5 key aspects of human life and that optimising performance across all leads to successful, healthy lives.


HLT is relentless in the seeking out and removal of barriers to deliver equality of access and entitlement to a successful, healthy future for all.


HLT promotes the selfless pursuit of service to others for the future benefit of children, families and communities and recognises the contribution of public duty to society.

We apply these Values to all in our organisation. HLT staff are governed by these values and we will ensure these are applied to all aspects of their work both within HLT schools and in partnership with others.

Our school improvement strategy seeks to embed the seven principles of public life across all schools at a staff and Trustee level. All HLT staff involved in School Improvement are lead professionals acting as excellent role models with selflessness and integrity. They are honest, open and emotionally intelligent in providing highly effective advice, guidance and feedback to colleagues in order to provide sound accountability in a non-threatening and positive culture.

Our systems, processes and staff development are based on staff taking ownership of the outcomes for their students and empowering them to secure lasting improvement. This is done through a partnership and collegiate approach, modelling best practice alongside colleagues, helping them to re-shape their thinking and become part of delivering best practice themselves.  It is our belief that empowering our staff is the key to sustainable outcomes.

We train and develop staff to adopt rigorous methods of self-evaluation, development planning, tracking, monitoring and intervention rooted in the intelligent use of reliable data that has the student at the centre informed by a deep organisational understanding of individual contexts and needs. We begin by looking at the school or departmental aspirations for themselves and their students: we look at opportunities to raise aspirations, to refine or improve empowerment strategies in teaching and learning in order to secure excellence and we ensure that staff understand what is meant by excellence in their area.

We have built leadership capacity through high quality training and development such as NPQEL, NPQH, NPQSL, NPQML opportunities ensuring that high quality leadership is distributed throughout HLT.  HLT has a strong team of leaders with experience of delivering school improvement both within HLT/FGS and beyond by working with TSA’s in the deployment of SLE’s across a range of subjects including School Business & Finance Leadership, Use of Data, tracking, monitoring and intervention, curriculum development & assessment without levels, Pivotal Curriculum and a range of subject specialists.

We also have a range of key external partners who are integral to our approach and will be involved to a greater or lesser extent in any given school improvement strategy. These include:

·         NHS

·         Health Education England

·         Youth Sports Trust

·         Outward Bound Trust

·         Pivotal Education Ltd

·         Trafford Local Authority

·         Trafford Community Sport and Leisure Trust

·         Trafford College

Measuring The Impact

This is achieved through clarity of roles and responsibilities including clear line management and appraisal structures. Line managers and leaders have clearly stated targets linked to identified strategic development needs and there is a very clear quality assurance framework (QAF) and appraisal review process which run throughout the year monitoring progress towards targets for staff.

Intelligent use of data is central to the effective implementation of our policy. We use SISRA and SIMS systems to gather and analyse data and our Data Manager provides high quality information for subject leaders, senior staff, governors and trustees.