Professor Ged Byrne:

Member Trustee: Dean and Director of Education and Quality, Health Education England. Consultant Surgeon.

Current Employment/Responsibilities

National Director of Global Engagement for Health Education England and lead for Health Education England and NHS in Population Health, Patient Safety, International volunteerism, placement and co-development and academic medicine.

Chair experience of several national and international bodies including Uganda UK Healthcare Alliance, The NHS Public Health HEEAG and the Global Health Exchange.

In recognition of his contribution to healthcare education Ged has been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship which is recognised as the highest UK award for education in the higher education community.

Ged is a vocational educationalist and educational leader with a national and international reputation for developing educational partnerships. Through his experience of chairing high profile boards, Ged brings knowledge and skills to ensure effective governance and of considering funding agreements and articles of association. He has experience of both appointing and removing trustees on public sector boards.

Previous Roles /Employment

Dec 2013 – Oct 2014

  • Director of Education and Quality, Health Education North West

June 2009 – Nov 2013

  • Associate Dean for Communications and Professor of Medical Education, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, University of Manchester

  • Director of the Medical School’s Council Assessment Alliance

  • Director of UHSM Healthcare Academy

  • Consultant Oncoplastic breast surgeon, University Hospital of South Manchester NHS

  • Foundation Trust (UHSM NHS FT)

 2000 - 2009                          

Hospital Dean for Clinical Studies (from 2004) Senior Lecturer in Surgical Education, University of Manchester Consultant Oncoplastic breast surgeon, UHSM NHS FT Founder Director of South Manchester Healthcare Academy.  

The vision of the trust is for health and well-being to be integrated into the curriculum and to develop partnerships and careers in the NHS. Ged was one of the founders of the HLT concept and has a strong background in strategic leadership and delivery of high profile educational projects.  For example Ged founded the University Hospital of South Manchester Multi-professional Health Education Academy; an entirely novel vehicle for the delivery of healthcare education. He led the development of this academy from its inception working in partnership with numerous internal and external public and private stakeholders.

Trust Board Role

Ged is the chair of the trust and has responsibility for ensuring the trustee board are effective in challenge and support of the executive team.  He is responsible for the trustees fulfilling their roles on the board and understanding that they are accountable for the performance and strategic direction of the trust.

In his role as Dean and Director Ged demonstrates leadership, finance and HR skill sets which he has responsibility for as a member of the trust.  Given the Health Education Agenda he is also be responsible for driving the partnerships and links to career pathways in NHS and informing the trust on the skill sets to be developed in students wishing to pursue health related careers, apprenticeships and higher education opportunities.

Ged has been chair of Eden Schools Academy Trust (HLT) since its inception in 2014.  HLT is an approved DfE sponsor applying to form a new MAT in this application with FGS under the new name Healthy Learning Trust (HLT).

Ged has significant public sector chair and trustee experience and of holding trusts to account on finance and accountability.

He brings experience of generating significant re-investable educational income.

From 2010-13 Ged developed a school engagement programme (supported by Nick Hurd MP, Minister for the Big Society) to give Year 10 students from South Manchester’s low socio-economic areas experience of work in the public sector.

John Byrne:

Member Trustee: (Note NO relation to Ged Byrne) Managing Director in the Global Advisory Division of Rothschild & Co, (since 1998).

Current Employment/Responsibilities

Understanding, challenging and scrutinising the income, costs and expenditure of businesses so that they are robust and can be valued.

Understanding the structure and governance of businesses so that they are demonstrably resilient and able to withstand external events and shocks

Member of Rothschild’s Community Investment Committee in the UK, with a core theme of helping to raise and realise the ambitions of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and encourage them to pursue further education and employment. Key partners including the Bow School in London, Teach First, the Access Project and Ashoka.

John works in a high profile position at a leading bank where his responsibilities require him to have sound business acumen. He has extensive experience of evaluating risk and of governance structures. He also understands the interface between business and schools given his involvement in Rothschild’s Community Investment programme.

Previous Roles /Employment

Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen (1993-1997).

Trained in Audit and Business Advisory, auditing the accounts of listed and private companies. 

Independent examination of the books, accounts and documents of businesses to assess whether financial statements provide a true and fair view of the company.

John’s experience and ability to interrogate data and financial information will provide an important skill set to the board along with his business acumen one of the stated competency requirements to be represented on a MAT trustee board.

Trust Board Role

John has responsibility for challenging and supporting the financial and business performance of the trust.  He reviews growth and business plans and advises on risk. John advises the trustees on the data and performance of the audit committee and on the internal and external financial scrutiny/audit mechanisms.  He also advises on risk management and holding the Finance and Resources Committee and CFO to account.

John has the accountancy qualifications and business and finance experience necessary to fulfil his trustee responsibilities.

He is supported by Bernie Jones (member) and Elizabeth Steel (member trustee) both of whom have a experience of scrutinising financial structures in schools.

Julie Hazeldine:

CEO: Principal Flixton Girls School 2007 to present

Current Employment/Responsibilities

Julie has 17 years’ experience in Secondary School Leadership in 3 schools.

She has a successfully delivered school improvement, raised academic standards in a challenging context, supported curriculum development, and is skilled in school HR and leadership systems and structures.  The exam results at FGS have risen from 39% 5+ including English and Maths in 2007 to 74% 5+ including English and Maths in 2015. 

Her role includes responsibility for safeguarding, SEN, marketing and communications, financial management, multi-agency working and is a national and regional lead on CSE/Complex safeguarding.

FGS is known for its innovative and effective health and well-being curriculum.

Julie’s combination of experiences and responsibilities will make her an ideal CEO of the trust and support the vision to support under-performing schools.

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

  • 1985 -1988 Teacher of Art and Design Westlands High School Congleton 11-18 mixed comp 760 on roll

  • 1988 to 1992 Head of Art and Design Westlands High School

  • 1992 - 2000 Head of Art Design and Technology Hartford High School Northwich 11 to 16 mixed split site comp 1250 on roll

  • 2001- 2004 Deputy Head Community Director then Personnel Director Knutsford High School 11 to 18 mixed comp - 1500 on roll

  • 2004 - 2007 Deputy Head (Curriculum) Great Sankey High School, Engineering College Warrington 11 to 18 mixed comp 1850 on roll

  • 2007 - present Headteacher Flixton Girls School Trafford Greater Manchester, 11 - 16 secondary modern 834 on roll and 6th form provision in partnership with Trafford College 16 - 19 61 on roll (and growing)

Julie has driven school transformation and turnaround at FGS and the school is ready to move to the next stage in development i.e. the move to a multi academy trust.

The exam results at FGS have risen from 39% 5+ including English and Maths in 2007 to 74% 5+ including English and Maths in 2015.  In her previous role as Deputy Head at Great Sankey, results under her leadership for Progress and Achievement rose from 59% A* to C in 2004 to in 2007 and from 43% 2006 to 65% in 2007 5+ A* to C including English and Maths.

Julie oversaw the transformation to academy status in 2011 and as FGS will be the lead school in the Trust.

Trust Board Role

Julie is the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust. This was the recommendation of the RSC and is fully supported by the members and trustees. She is responsible for developing FGS as the flagship school. Julie will build capacity and sustainability to enable FGS to support under-performing schools with the vision of sponsoring schools.  She will also drive growing the trust and bringing on board good and outstanding schools to further add capacity. She will be responsible for SEN provision across the trust.  She will also work with the Chair and trustees responsible for the health agenda to ensure the implementation of a health and well-being curriculum that has evidence based positive impacts.  FGS will be the model school for delivering career pathways through partnerships with Health Education England and the NHS.

Julie well qualified to deliver these responsibilities.  She is a national ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust and in embedding using sport and PE to raise attainment.

As FGS Principal she is skilled in school leadership and staff development and has demonstrated impressive levels of school improvement and transformation.

She also brings a sound background and knowledge of HR, SEN provision safeguarding, teaching and learning, performance and attainment, delivery of a successful health and wellbeing curriculum and community engagement.

Bill Watkin:

Chief Executive Officer, Sixth Form Colleges Association (April 2016-present).

Current Employment/Responsibilities

Bill’s role is to operate at a national level, working with parliament, the Civil Service, the media and the trade unions, on the development of policy and practice relating to pedagogy, Industrial Relations and the welfare of young people.

Bill brings a wealth of educational experience to the trustee board with over 30 years’ in the sector as a former head teacher and former director of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. 

His current role provides knowledge and support for the trust on delivering effective post 16 provision.

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

Following a career teaching and as a head teaching in secondary schools, Bill was appointed a director of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) in 2006.  At SSAT Bill led on the national academies programme and thus developed significant expertise in this area.  He was responsible for SSAT’s engagement with academies both old and new, both converter and sponsored, secondary, special and primary, as well as UTCs, Free Schools and Studio Schools.

Bill’s SSAT role focused on advising schools on DfE policy initiatives and developments, particularly in the context of assessments, qualifications, curriculum and accountability. He has sat on the DfE Capital Consultative Forum.

Trust Board Role

Bill will be responsible for advising the board on academy structures and governance, school and system leadership and effective practice in curriculum, assessment and standards.

He will also be responsible for scrutiny of the trusts’ post 16 provision and advising on how the skill sets for the health and well-being career pathways can be delivered in the curriculum.

Bill has a deep understanding of education policy and assessment systems necessary to fulfil his role as a trustee. He will provide challenge to the Standards Committee.

Bill has worked as a consultant on curriculum design, vertical structures, student behaviour, 14-19 and data analysis.

Anthony Burke:

Regional Business Unit Head, HMRC (November 2015 to date)

Current Employment/Responsibilities

Anthony is leader of a region of around 100 tax specialists responsible for enforcement activity across 6 tax regimes. He has operational accountability to deliver against a range of measures, including a yield target of c£130m.

In Anthony’s current role he has responsibility for resource deployment to ensure the delivery against set targets, financial oversight of the region as well as a national leadership responsibility.

He therefore brings valuable financial acumen and data analysis skills to the trust.

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

Grade 7 Analytical Lead, HMRC (January 2014-October 2015)
Managing a team of 6 analysts, leading on projects to improve the effectiveness of HMRC compliance interventions.

Senior Research Officer, HMRC (July 2011-January 2014)
Responsible for leading a programme of research projects. Including commissioning and contract managing private sector research providers. I was project lead on cross government resource modelling for the introduction of Universal credit

Higher Research Officer, HSE (March 2009-July 2011)
Leading on a number of externally commissioned research projects to support the HSE strategy in improving health, safety and workplace wellness

Research Analyst, Fordham Research (November 2006-March 2009)
Lead analyst on housing sector research.

Anthony’s career has involved various leadership roles, primarily leading analysts and analytical projects. Responsible for the management of analysts and also commissioning and contract management of external social research providers.

Community Governor, FGS (October 2014 to date)
Anthony’s skills combine financial expertise in the public sector with an understanding of educational finance structures through his membership of the FGS Business and Finance Committee.

Trust Board Role

Anthony will be responsible for data handling and advising and supporting financial leadership roles across the trust.

Anthony has extensive experience in analysing data and complicated information and drawing conclusions for decision making He has experience of leadership roles in a large and complex public sector organisation. This includes financial management, HR, performance management and employee engagement.

As a former school governor in FGS, he will bring knowledge of the school, and in particular the financial position.

Leo Pyrah:

October 2015 to present. UK & Ireland Product Manager – Pilkington United Kingdom Limited (NSG Group)

Current Employment/Responsibilities

July 2014 to 2018. Community Governor – FGS.  Member of Standards & Achievement Committee.

Chairperson of the Standards & Achievement Committee 2016/17

Leo has a management role within a global glass manufacturer employing 27,000 people. His role sits within a commercial team and is truly cross functional with constant interaction with sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance and R&D.

The role requires a strategic view to oversee the development and launch of new products and it is a role that is fundamental to the UK business achieving its revenue and profitability targets. He is required to put together business cases and have had internal finance training. He plays a key role in marketing activities.

Leo brings valuable business acumen to the trust.  He is an active STEM Ambassador with knowledge of curriculum focus on STEM subjects.

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

April 2007 to October 2015. Graduate Technologist to Senior Technologist – Pilkington (NSG Group)

Leo started with Pilkington as a graduate technologist and progressed to senior technologist within the R&D function.

Leo’s career background has provided him with skills in project management, problem solving and understanding complex issues and data. He holds a Masters in Chemistry and is passionate about science education.

Trust Board Role

Leo will be responsible for STEM curriculum focus and delivery across the trust supporting educational improvement.

As a current governor of FGS, Leo will represent the principles and values of the school. He already supports STEM delivery through chairing the Standards Committee.

His position in a large private company will bring a different perspective to the board. In particular with regards to: business cases for investment, leading change, setting objectives and appraisal processes, managing health and safety, HR policies, and efficiency savings such as reducing energy usage.

Alison Oliver:

Chief Executive Officer, Youth Sport Trust (July 2015 – to date)

Current Employment/Responsibilities

Trustee – Charity - Chance to Shine (Nov 2016)

Board member – PiXL Edge(May 2015)


SW Regional Board, Sport England (2007)

SW Regional Board, England Netball (2003)

Alison brings to the trust a sound understanding of the responsibilities and remit of non-executive roles

In her current role responsibilities include:

Vision and direction of the charity;

Strategic planning;

Ensuring sound corporate governance;

Budget setting and Financial Control;

Political engagement;

Management of stakeholders and strategic partnerships.

Her skills and experience are backed by a successful career in teaching sport in secondary and tertiary provision, which is relevant to the health and well-being ethos of the trust.

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

Managing Director, Youth Sport Trust (Jan 2012 – July 2015)

Director of Sport, Youth Sport Trust (Jan 2007 – Jan 2012)

Implementation Director, Youth Sport Trust (Jun 2004 – Jan 2007)

Deputy Director of Sport, University of Bath (July 2001 - June 2004

Course Leader & Teaching Fellow (ITT Physical Education), University of Bath (Aug 1997 – July 2001)

Head of Physical Education, Millfield School, Somerset (Sept 1995 – Aug 1997)

Physical Education Teacher, South East Essex VI College (Sept 1992 – Aug 1995)

Alison’s career has equipped her with knowledge and understanding of the Health, Sport, Education and Youth issues and landscapes.  She has also gained expertise in the theoretical and practical application of welfare and safeguarding along with an understanding of academic research and higher education.

Trust Board Role

Alison will be responsible for monitoring the impact of sport and well-being programmes across the trust. She will support curriculum development for physical education and sport science. This will include responsibility for ensuring that there is quality of provision and delivery.  She will also advise the trust on leadership strategies.

Alison has the skills and expertise to carry out her responsibilities gained from her role as CEO of the Youth Sport Trust, and from her background in teaching Physical Education.

She brings knowledge and insight into teacher training, and has significant subject expertise in the areas of health, sport and physical education.

Alison also brings experience of departmental leadership, curriculum design and development, teaching & learning, assessment and health & safety.

Damian Dallimore:

Greater Manchester Lead Officer: Project Phoenix (January 2014 to date)

Current Employment/Responsibilities

Since June 2017, Damian Dallimore has been employed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) as Greater Manchester’s partnership lead for tackling serious and organised crime, modern slavery, trafficking and exploitation under the banner of Programme Challenger.  Greater Manchester is recognised as leading the way on these issues and Damian’s role is to ensure appropriate buy-in from all relevant partners across public, private and voluntary sectors, leading to improved performance and better services through this collaboration.  Prior to this, Damian was Greater Manchester’s lead for tackling child sexual exploitation through Project Phoenix, overseeing all elements of this programme including the formation of multi-agency, co-located CSE teams in each local authority area.  Damian has a passion for safeguarding and is one of the key architects of the emerging Complex Safeguarding agenda which is gathering momentum within Children’s Social Care policy and practice nationally. 

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

Project Manager: Project Gulf
Salford City Council
(August 2012 – December 2013)

Project Gulf is Salford’s multi-agency approach to tackling the problem of organised criminal gangs and street gangs. Project Gulf sought to ensure a balanced approach to the problem, prioritising the safeguarding of children and young people affected by gang activity to the same degree as enforcement activity of known gang members.  As the manager of this service I developed and launched the first multi-agency safeguarding hub in Greater Manchester and subsequently managed a team comprising social workers, police officers, health professionals, charities, probation, housing providers and youth workers.  This approach informed the work of Programme Challenger, which was launched across Greater Manchester in 2013.

Damian’s background will provide the trust with invaluable advice and understanding of the complex issues facing some families in the school community.

Trust Board Role

Damian’s responsibilities as a trustee will be safeguarding and the prevent agenda. He will also advise on equality and diversity policies.

Damian has a comprehensive knowledge of safeguarding and criminal justice legislation and applied practice.  He is at the forefront of contemporary thinking in relation to safeguarding policy, particularly for vulnerable adolescents and children affected by abuse and exploitation external to the family home.  I have extensive experience of managing large, multi-agency programmes of work and have strong networks with a range of statutory and voluntary services in Greater Manchester and the wider region.

Bernie Jones:

Chief Executive, Aspire Sports and Cultural Trust

Current Employment/Responsibilities

(December 2016 to date)

Aspire is a registered charity, based in Gloucestershire, that provides leisure, health and well-being and cultural activities.

Bernie has overall responsibility for the financial viability of the charity and for over 200 employees. He also has safeguarding responsibilities for both staff and customers.

Aspire works closely with all primary schools in Gloucester and a number of secondary schools and the University of Gloucestershire.

Bernie has experience of the leadership skills necessary to run organisations and of financial, HR and safeguarding requirements. He has good knowledge of the leisure and well- being sector and the interface with schools.

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

Chief Executive, Trafford Community Leisure Trust (June 2003 to December 2016)

Trafford Community Leisure Trust was a registered charity providing sport, leisure, health and well-being, education to the community of Trafford including Flixton. Trafford Community Leisure Trust managed Urmston Leisure Centre (used by Flixton Girls). My responsibilities included strategic management, finance, HR, and Safeguarding.

Chair of Governors, Flixton Girls School October 2011- December 2013

After becoming a founder member of the Well- woman Trust (established at FGS), Bernie became a Governor of the School and immediately took on the role of Chair of the finance committee. Shortly afterwards the Chair stood down due to illness and he became Chair of Governors.

Bernie’s background in leadership and management have given him experience in reviewing.

Trust Board Role


Bernie will have responsibility for finance, HR, and leadership. He will also be responsible for ensuring that the trust operates an effective governance structure.

He will also have responsibility for ensuring that the health and well-being offer is being delivered in line with the stated aims of the trust.

Bernie is not a trustee and as such will bring additional challenge of the trustee board. He has a deep understanding of schools as the former CoG at FGS.

He has extensive experience over the past forty years of delivering health and well-being projects to communities across the UK. He has held senior and strategic roles where his responsibilities have included finance, marketing, HR, sales, operations, safeguarding, and education.

Tim Gartside:

CEO Hamblin Trust & Head Master at Altrincham Boys Grammar School

Current Employment/Responsibilities

Grammar School for Boys for 13 years. Achieved Ofsted Outstanding grading in 2007 and regularly placed in top 50 state schools for GCSE and A level

results. This year val- ue added of 1030 and 79% of subject entries at A level at A*/A/B (23% at A*). Tim is an Inspector for Ofsted conducting inspections across the North of England and has been an NLE since 2012, recently supporting schools in the Greater Manchester area. He has worked closely with the Free Schools section of the DfE in bringing North Cestrian School into the state sector.

Tim brings recent knowledge and experience of forming a MAT. Under the Hamblin Education Trust, AGSB has recently formed a MAT to support North Cestrian School and brings knowledge of this process to the trust. He understands the role and responsibilities required of members and the structure of governance in a MAT.

Previous Roles /EmploymenT

2003 to present Executive Head Master of Altrincham Grammar School for Boys.

Deputy Head at Westcliff High School for boys in Essex 1998-2003

Head of History and Politics at Newcastle under Lyme School 1995-1998

Head of History at Wisbech Grammar School 1989-1995

Teacher at Hulme Grammar School, Oldham 1984-1989

Tim has extensive leadership experience of what schools need to deliver high results and an outstanding Ofsted. His knowledge gained as and Ofsted inspector will enable him to advise and challenge HLT on focussing on taking their schools to outstanding.

Tim has led the school improvement services provided by AGSB to North Cestrian School and brings current educational improvement skills and competencies necessary to support and challenge the trust.

Trust Board Role

Tim will be responsible for school leadership, school HR experience, education standards and educational improvement.

Tim is not a trustee and therefore brings independent challenge to the performance of the trustee board.

As an NLE, Tim has valuable and current experience of achieving high attainment levels for students, the input necessary to reach Ofsted outstanding. He also understands the challenge and capacity needed to support under- performing schools. He has current knowledge of the role and accountability of MAT members and trustees.