What is the Healthy Learning Trust?

The Healthy Learning Trust is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) established on 1st September 2017 with Flixton Girls School (FGS) in Trafford, being the lead school. The HLT Trust Board considers it of the utmost importance to collaborate with partners that will bring additional benefits and opportunities for our schools and wider school communities. The networks, expertise and partnerships that are made available to the schools in HLT go way beyond those offered in standard multi academy trusts.
Working together with member schools HLT is able to provide central support services providing financial efficiencies alongside our Education Consultancy where our schools collectively provide expertise, advice and support based on a proven track record of success.

The MAT members and trustees are composed of high level professionals working locally, nationally and internationally across key areas including Health, Finance, Post-16 Education, Community Safety, Physical Education, Sport and Outdoor Learning. Our Board of Trustees has considerable professional experience of policy development and enjoys the support of a wide and influential network both regionally and nationally. Our Trustees share a common commitment and desire to bring about healthy and successful futures for young people leading to tangible social mobility, providing the best possible opportunities for young people of all abilities, interests and backgrounds.
The HLT Trustees are committed to securing the best outcomes across five key areas in order to deliver the vision articulated below.

Our Vision

Through our principles of Aspiration, Empowerment and Excellence the Healthy Learning Trust empowers young people to enhance their own lives and the lives of others through our unique partnership with health and well-being providers to deliver a programme across our FIVE PATHWAYS to Health, Well-being and Scholarship:


…healthy lives, healthy minds, healthy futures…

Our Values

As a Trust Board HLT is committed to and guided by the 7 principles of public life: 
1. Selflessness
Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest.
2. Integrity
Holders of public office must avoid placing themselves under any obligation to people or organisations that might try inappropriately to influence them in their work. They should not act or take decisions in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends. They must declare and resolve any interests and relationships.
3. Objectivity
Holders of public office must act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias.
4. Accountability
Holders of public office are accountable to the public for their decisions and actions and must submit themselves to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this.
5. Openness
Holders of public office should act and take decisions in an open and transparent manner. Information should not be withheld from the public unless there are clear and lawful reasons for so doing.
6. Honesty
Holders of public office should be truthful.
7. Leadership
Holders of public office should exhibit these principles in their own behaviour. They should actively promote and robustly support the principles and be willing to challenge poor behaviour wherever it occurs: .Selflessness Integrity Objectivity Accountability Openness Honesty Leadership.

A focus for a Healthy Future

In addition to securing the best possible outcomes for our students across the five pathways, HLT places a special emphasis on providing high quality careers information, advice and guidance, and provides additional opportunities for work experience and the development of essential skills in relation to the health sector including vital support for prospective medical students, nurses and other health practitioners through direct links with local hospitals and medical services.

Our Key Partners:

Health Education England
Youth Sports Trust
Outward Bound Trust
Pivotal Education Ltd
Trafford Local Authority
Trafford Community Sport and Leisure Trust
Trafford College