The HLT curriculum delivers knowledge, skills and understanding in a manner designed to optimise student academic, physical and emotional health across our 5 pathways. 

The curriculum design and curriculum structure also takes account of teacher health and well-being, workload and aim to provide an environment for success. 

We also take account of research and recommendations from key sources including the DfE, Teaching Unions, HEE, Public Health and Ofsted in order to secure a curriculum which provides our vision of scholarship through health and well-being

At HLT we recognise that we are responsible for creating the right kind of culture for both students and staff and that we have a duty to understand how that looks from a leadership and management perspective: how do we deliver the rich curriculum offer whilst securing good work life balance for teachers and a positive culture in the school.

The HLT curriculum design reflects the values of HLT: HOLISTIC,  INCLUSIVE  and  ALTRUISTIC.  Whilst providing curriculum breadth, depth and reach, it also especially prepares students with the knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes required for progression into health and well-being related careers.  

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